Historic Benton Hot Springs Wai Wera Hotel Celebration

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Come join in celebrating the colorful history of the Wai Wera Hotel in Benton Hot Springs on October 15, 2016. This is where the legend lives and hotel stories come alive. The cost is just $75 per person. Tickets are limited so call now to reserve yours at (760) 933-2287.

Spend an enchanting afternoon and evening of oral history presentations reliving the prominence of the Wai Wera Hotel from 1906-48. Experience the stories and drama of the people who operated and stayed at the hotel.

Start with a view of the lobby and stairs leading to the second floor rooms, which were closed to the public in the late 1940s and not reopened for over 60 years.

Enjoy appetizers and drinks from the 20s, dinner created from 30s recipes, and dessert from the forties — assuming you have the proper “speak-easy” code.

End the evening dancing under the stars with music from the decades of the Wai Wera Hotel. Dress in period attire and come mingle with the legends.

Historic Benton Hot Springs (HBHS) is a 501© 3 NON PROFIT Corporation, whose mission is to preserve the natural and historical environment and promote the educational, scientific, and conservation values of Benton Hot Springs properties.

Benton Hot Springs is owned by the Bramlette Family Trust. Trustee, Bill Bramlette and wife, Diane Henderson, are committed to actions that preserve and care for the property in perpetuity.

In 2008, as a first step the Bramlette Trust in partnership with the Eastern Sierra Land Trust, permanently protected 900 acres of the property using a conservation easement, which prohibits future subdivision and development. Historic Benton Hot Springs non profit is the Bramlette Trusts’ second step toward the property care and protection.


Historic Benton Hot Springs works with and assists the Bramlette Trust, Mono County, and Eastern Sierra Land Trust with the preservation and restoration of Benton Hot Springs historic, cultural, and natural properties; facilitates community economic development and business partnerships that improve the welfare of citizens and create jobs; and, enhances public use and education of a unique 1,255 acre parcel of private land in the Eastern Sierra.

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