Background: Benton Cemetery is located on Bramlette Trust private property. However, it is a public cemetery as citizens of Benton and the surrounding area used it for burials since approximately 1865. Today, while it is rarely used for burials, persons with relatives buried at Benton Cemetery or long-time residents with strong ties to the Benton continue to request to use it.

Burial Policy: Bramlette Trust is supportive of continuing the practice of allowing burials in the Benton Cemetery using the following criteria:
1. Persons or relatives and friends of persons desiring to be buried in the Benton Cemetery must complete an application (attached). Applicants agree to make public any approved application documents.
2. All applicants will be considered without regard to race, religion, sex, disability, age, maritial status, or political affilitation.
3. Applicants have family members buried in the cemetery or have strong ties to Benton; or, the applicant and applicant’s family are unable to afford a burial elsewhere.
4. All costs associated with burials are assumed by the applicants, relatives, or friends. Applicants will not be charged by Bramlette Trust for burials at the Benton Cemetery. However, HBHS suggests that applicants consider making a $500 donation to the non profit to offset costs associated with record keeping, security and oversight, maintaining public use, and burial coordination work.
5. Applicants–as well as relatives and friends–must agree that it is their responsibility to place and maintain permanent grave markers and care for these graves in the future.
6. Relatives and friends must obtain permission from Bramlette Trust trustee or Historic Benton Hot Springs staff to visit the Benton Cemetery before entering private land.

Full name of person to be buried: _________________________________
Birth date of person: ___________
Address: _____________________
Reason for person requesting burial at Benton: ____________________
Person requesting permission: ___________________________________
Address: ___________________
Phone #: ___________________

Application Approved _______ Denied _______
If denied, provide reason: ________________________________________
Name, signature, and title of person reviewing application:
_______________________________ _______________________________ _____________________________