Contact: Bill Bramlette
Tel. 760.873.2287
Date: 2015-06-01



Historic Benton Hot Springs (HBHS) non-profit is asking for public assistance to help identify persons buried in the Benton Cemetery. To date, historian Tom Dillwith has documented approximately 125 people who are reportedly buried at Benton, but anticipates there are more. The historian and non-profit are requesting that persons with relatives and friends known to be buried at Benton contact them and provide any information and documentation.
Benton Cemetery has been in existence since the mid-1860s. Many graves are no longer marked, and burial records are scarce. HBHS intends to document and maintain records on persons buried at the cemetery and to provide information to the public about them. The organization also plans to install a cemetery sign, and to better maintain the grounds, during their Benton Cemetery event on November 7, 2015. Besides needing information on persons buried at the cemetery, the group needs financial assistance and volunteers for this project.
If you have information or want to help with this project, please contact HBHS at (760) 933-2366 or mail your information to Historic Benton Hot Springs, 55137 Highway 120, Benton CA 93512.