Projects appropriate and sustainable for achieving this vision are developed and implemented to pay for the long term care of the property.

  • Develop a specific community action plan to guide the specific work and objectives of the responsible parties.
  • Consider and evaluate health spa, lodge and RV park projects to accommodate town’s visitors use of the hot spring waters.
  • Expand and improve hot springs and cultural tourism facilities where they already exist.
  • Organic, sustainable agriculture to feed residents and guests.
    • Greenhouses used to grow local vegetables
    • Natural grass fed animals for healty meats
    • Fish and shrimp rearing and algae projects
    • Develop a geothermal energy project that would benefit the community without destroying the principal property attributes.
    • Develop a “natural mineral drinking water” project.
  • Develop an accessibility plan to address needs, opportunities and actions to make facilities and programs at Benton Hot Springs accessible to persons with disabilities and special needs.

Property Administration and Management
An entity or organization committed to implementing this vision is created to assist the Bramlette Trust with the overall administration and management of the property.

  • Develop agreements between the Bramlette Trust and HBHS to clarify, define and establish this relationship.
  • HBHS develops it’s organizational structure, financial capacity and professional ability to assume responsibilities for providing the “Benton Guest Experience”, as well as managing the entire Benton property.